As part of R/GA’s presentation at Social Media Week 2013, we facilitated a topic to get the industry to think differently about consumer engagement with their products. With technology at the core of our everyday experiences, the internet is pushing us to go beyond screens and think of every object as a digital opportunity to get consumers to engage.

We dove deep into the history of consumerism, studying how people engaged with products even before the internet. From mail-in coupons on Betty Crocker boxes to collecting Frito Lay’s Planet Lunch Points to redeem Boom Boxes and Tamagotchis, we developed 5 different consumer uses for engaging with packaging. These included discovery, entertainment, unboxing, product use and drive to purchase. These consumer uses inspired us to get the industry to think differently about how the product itself can be a tool for advertising, creating a deeper engagement with the consumer and now with the power of the internet.


The Presentation

Social media can remove walls between a brand and their consumers, but a customer’s personal experience with a product creates the most memorable social moment. And consumer trends suggest these customers are eager to engage with brands in new ways. Both emerging and readily available technology enables products and packaging to expand their current context of use. How can brands apply what they’ve learned from successful social media campaigns to create Smart Packaging that re-engage consumers, becoming owned media and driving earned media? The role of packaging is about to change.